Project Insights

Real data. Powerful insights.


Not your average field report.

Unlock new data from your project, with the latest feature from Bridgit. Project Insights pulls and calculates real metrics from your site, so you can monitor progress and make better decisions. 


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The data you need, whenever you need it.

Project Managers can log in anytime to access data from today, or another date.


How old are incomplete tasks?

Sort incomplete tasks by age to see a breakdown of your progress.


What's the status?

Get a quick summary of your project's current status.

Who's performing best?

See performance metrics for each subcontractor, and monitor their work week-by-week.



Get the whole package

Project Insights is the newest feature available on Bridgit Closeout, site management software built for the field. 

  • Manage checklists, walkthroughs, and punch lists
  • Log tasks from your smartphone
  • Communicate tasks and updates immediately
  • Gather site data and monitor progress



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