Advanced Leadership Certification for Construction Management Professionals

Advance your career in construction management by mastering principles of advanced leadership with our free 3-hour certification bootcamp

Our content is practical, research-based, and consciously designed to help you solve problems efficiently and effectively in your day-to-day and set you up for success in more senior roles. 



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Effective Communication

Your effectiveness as a leader is the sum of your ability to communicate clearly, listen attentively, and use your influence to inspire, motivate, and develop talent.


Conflict Resolution

Learn innovative and reliable techniques for handling conflict among your immediate team, between you and a colleague, and across seniority levels. 


Leadership Styles & Emotional Intelligence

Discover how improving self-awareness, regulation, and social awareness by learning to identify and adapt to other personalities and communication styles can transform your leadership. 


Explore strategies for leaders to motivate and inspire, to create a safe environment where colleagues thrive, and lead with vulnerability to cultivate trust, transparency, and openness.

Understand how to mediate different levels of conflict, the benefits of mediation, and how to use cues from speech and body language to best resolve tensions across your team.

Recognize unique leadership styles (including your own) and the distinct needs of your team. Explore and assess leadership styles and flex your leadership style to each of the unique members of your team.

Construction project managers have the complex responsibility of delivering projects on time and on budget, while handling the inevitable curve-balls that speed their way throughout the process. If you’re a project manager, you know that mastering the technical skills of project delivery is essential for success. What you might be wondering is how you can improve... read more

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